Netflix Wins Witherspoon & Kinberg’s “Pyros”

Netflix Wins Witherspoon Kinbergs Pyros

Netflix has reportedly outbid six major studios for the rights to finance and distribute the Reese Witherspoon-led sci-fi film “Pyros” which “Dark Phoenix” director Simon Kinberg will produce.

The story follows a group of augmented people fitted with indestructible fire suits fused to their spines. Said group work for a corporation salvaging objects from burning mansions for their wealthy clients, and it is strictly forbidden for them to veer from mission – even when other humans are in danger.

The protagonist makes an exception to this rule, saving someone’s life and kicking off a chain of events. The project is adapted from Thomas Pierce’s 2018 short story “Tardy Man” with Pierce himself handling the script. Lauren Neustadter and Audrey Chon also produce.

Source: The Playlist