Netflix Wins Rights To “The Watcher”

Netflix Wins Rights To The Watcher

Netflix has reportedly won an intense bidding war amongst six studios for the rights to Reeves Wiedeman’s New York magazine article “The Watcher”. The streamer reportedly signed a seven-figure deal for the rights and beat out Universal, Warners, Paramount, Amazon and Fox.

Henry Joost & Ariel Schulman will helm the true story tale of a family who purchases a dream home in New Jersey for $1.3 million and the series of letters from an anonymous writer they receive, beginning with a welcome letter detailing the writer’s history with the house that divulged some disturbing details regarding both.

It’s soon revealed he was watching the family and is followed by several more intense letters reportedly written in blood. Despite going to the police for help, the writer’s identity is still currently unknown. Four years on, the parents never moved their three children in and have only rented the property out. Eric Newman and Bryan Unkeless will produce.

Source: Deadline