Netflix Wanted Back-To-Back “Stranger Things”

While Netflix has some more acclaimed shows, in terms of a series capturing the zeitgeist both critically and with the public – there’s not much that can compare with “Stranger Things”.

Anticipation is incredibly high for the second season of the series ahead of its launch late next month, and those involved including creators Matt and Ross Duffer have suggested that the plan for now is to do around four seasons all up if they can.

Netflix seems keen for them to do so, so keen in fact its been revealed to The Live Feed by Matt Duffer that the streaming giant pitched the idea of shooting seasons three and four back-to-back.

Part of the motive is driven by the fact the cast are teenagers, and so will grow and change quickly. That request was not well met by either the Duffers or producer Shawn Levy as it would put too much strain on the writers’ room – their workload would be doubled to shoot two seasons straight.

Even the current season’s nine episode run, one longer than the first season, stretched the showrunners to maximum stress to the point they intend to go back to the eight episode run for the next one.

“Stranger Things” season 2 arrives on October 27th.