Netflix Users Resigned To Spoilers?

A Leger Marketing study for Netflix has revealed that 72% of Canadians they surveyed consider people revealing TV and movie plot twists or endings in everyday conversation as a simple fact of life.

In a press release discussing the study of approximately 1,506 people, the streaming giant said: “In fact, about nine in 10 of us say that hearing a spoiler doesn’t make us want to stop watching the rest of a TV series.”

They also added that 69% of those surveyed admitted to accidentally revealing a TV show twist to someone, while 28% admit reading some spoilers about shows they hadn’t seen encourage them to watch.

Netflix CCO Ted Sarandos suggests his company has played a part in changing the nature of how people see spoilers:

“As TV evolves, consumer behavior is evolving right along with it. When we premiered all episodes of our series at once across the world, it created a new dynamic around spoilers. After season two of House of Cards launched, there was a definite shift in the social conversation about a key plot twist in episode one. That was the moment everything changed.”

They also have a breakdown of the five types of personalities that drop spoilers, dubbing them clueless, coded, impulsive, shameless and power with the latter being the one that most despise.

Source: THR