Netflix TV Gains Coming At Film Cost

A decade ago Netflix started the streaming section of its service and two years later, in 2010, kicked off that streamer’s international rollout. The big promise of the service was access to a vast on-demand film library and at the time it was true. In 2010 in the U.S., Netflix had a library of 6755 film titles along with 530 TV series available to users.

Cut to 2018 and a report by Flixable (via ScreenRant) has highlighted the key difference between then and now – TV has taken charge. A combination of user habits, algorithms, buzz, increased original content and expensive licensing has seen Netflix change the focus of its service to one more driven by television.

As a result what was a 93% film/7% TV split in 2010 has dramatically changed to a 72% film/28% TV split in 2018. Netflix’s film library has plunged from 6755 films down to 4010 films in 2018, while TV series have tripled – from 530 series to 1569 series in 2018.

This is why the perception of the service, previously seen as a threat to film studios, has shifted to become more of a competitor to traditional cable TV in recent years. Rival services like Hulu and Amazon have taken up some of the slack, but the idea of a ‘one-stop’ SVOD service for film, which Netflix was seemingly forging a path for in 2010, has once again become only a cinephile’s dream.