Netflix To Produce Fincher & Spacey’s “Cards”

Netflix, the video streaming service juggernaut that now makes up a big portion of all online traffic within the United States, is making a major gamble.

Deadline reports that the company has outbid several major cable networks, including HBO and AMC, for the rights to the David Fincher-produced, Kevin Spacey-led remake of classic British mini-series “House of Cards”.

Negotiations are still ongoing, but Netflix reportedly is in the winning seat thanks to a commitment of two seasons (26 episodes) for the drama with a budget in the $4-6 million an episode range. Combined with the cost of promotion, the deal is expected to be worth over $100 million.

Yet if it succeeds, it could very well herald the start of a new way for people to consume new TV shows legitimately. Netflix dominates the movie streaming market with a 61% share, far and above the likes of the 8% from Comcast’s VOD and the 4% each for Apple’s iTunes and DirectTV.

Yet the company still doesn’t operate outside North America and has only dropped cryptic hints about operating in international territories.