Netflix To Globally Release The New “Shaft”

Netflix is partnering with New Line Cinema on the new “Shaft” film previously titled “Son of Shaft”.

Netflix will reportedly pay for half the film’s $30 million budget in exchange for rights to distribute the film to its overseas streaming platforms two weeks after the film’s traditional U.S. theatrical debut.

The U.S. release will go through the standard minimum theatrical 90-day window before hitting SVOD and Blu-ray/DVD and U.S. Netflix.

Jessie T. Usher (“Independence Day: Resurgence”) will play the estranged son of Samuel L. Jackson’s John Shaft from the 2000 “Shaft” film. The younger Shaft is an FBI agent and cyber expert who is forced to team up with his old school father.

Richard Roundtree played the original John Shaft in the 1970s films and the uncle of Jackson’s character in the 2000 film. He’ll return here.

Tim Story (“Ride Along”) will direct the film from a script by Kenya Barris. Filming begins in December.

Source: Deadline