Netflix To Finance Wingard’s “Death Note” Film

Netflix is in final negotiations to produce and finance “The Guest” and “You’re Next” director Adam Wingard’s new film “Death Note” starring Nat Wolff and Margaret Qualley.

Setup at Warner Bros. before being put into turnaround, several others including STX and Lionsgate were considering it though ultimately the streaming giant seems to have won out. The film’s budget is said to fall in the $40-50 million range.

Based on the Japanese manga series, Wolff plays a student who discovers a supernatural notebook that allows him to kill anyone simply by writing the victim’s name. A cat-and-mouse game ensues when he’s tracked by a reclusive police officer.

Roy Lee, Dan Lin, Jason Hoffs and Masi Oka are producing and filming aims to kick off in June. Jeremy Slater penned the most recent draft of the script,.

Source: Variety