Netflix Testing New Payment Plans

When Netflix changed its payment plans a few years ago, it generated headline news and a large consumer backlash. These days the company’s consumer base has expanded and its importance has only grown, meaning that any potential change of price will come under even more scrutiny.

Netflix is now reportedly looking into potentially offering up options beyond its basic streaming package. The current $7.99/month offers HD video and simultaneous streaming for two devices. There’s also a $11.99/month family plan with up to four simultaneous HD streams.

Two new subscription packages are being tested. The first is a budget $6.99/month subscription which streams only in standard definition and runs just a single stream. The second is a $9.99/month package which is in HD and can stream up to three simultaneous HD streams.

Netflix CCO Jonathan Friedland says the new packages are only available to select customers right now and may not be eventually offered to customers. There are no immediate plans to raise the standard two-stream subscription’s $7.99/month rate.

Source: Variety