Netflix Splits “Arrested”, Promotes “Kimmy” Final

They did it with “Star Trek Discovery” and “The Ranch” and “The Get Down,” now Netflix is set to split up the upcoming fifth season of “Arrested Development”.

The Wrap reports that the announced May 29th release will be for only half the season, eight episodes to be precise. Then, on an unspecified date, the remaining final eight will be released.

The news comes as another of the streaming giant’s comedies, “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt,” has just released the full trailer for the first half of its upcoming fourth and final season. The new batch of episodes will premiere on Wednesday, May 30th with six episodes – the remaining six will arrive later in 2018.

The season finds the optimistic Kimmy starting a new career as HR manager of the startup Giztoob, but it’s more than she bargained for when her boss tells her she has to fire someone and she unintentionally gets tangled in a #MeToo situation.

So why are they being split up? EW indicates it’s due to one word – Emmys. Shows have to air on or before May 31st in order to qualify for TV’s highest honor.