Netflix Sets Premieres, Denies Ratings

Netflix has set the premiere dates for ten of its shows this year including three returning series and several new ones such as Baz Luhrmann’s “The Get Down,” the Winona Ryder-led supernatural drama “Stranger Things,” the French language original series “Marseille,” the Will Arnett comedy “Flaked,” the Ashton Kutcher-led dramedy “The Ranch” and several kids shows like a modern animated take on “King Kong”. The schedule is as follows:

March 11th: “Flaked” (new)
April 1st: “The Ranch” (new)
April 15th: “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt” S2, “Kong: King of the Apes” (new)
May 6th: “Grace and Frankie” S2, “Marseille” (new)
June 3rd: “Word Party” (new)
June 17th: “Orange is the New Black” S4
July 15th: “Stranger Things” (new)
August 12th: “The Get Down: Part 1” (new)

Netflix CCO Ted Sarandos has also responded to NBC’s claims of ratings figures for various Netflix shows, figures that the company have always kept under wraps. Speaking at the TCA this weekend, he tells THR:

“Given what is really remarkably inaccurate data, I hope they didn’t spend any money on it… The methodology doesn’t reflect any sense of reality we keep track of… I can’t even tell you how many 18-49 users we have… we don’t track them.

Those sample sets don’t give you a lot of information when people are watching thousands of shows [on Netflix] around the world. Somewhere in the world, every second of every day, someone is pressing start on a Netflix original… There is not an apples to apples comparison to Netflix watching and any Nielsen rating.

The ratings themselves have no specific impact on the business. If we were spending a lot of money on shows people weren’t watching, they will quit. People are finding value in how we’re spending our content dollars… if they’re watching today, tomorrow or seven days from now. We may build a show for 2 million people and we may build a show for 30 million.”

Talk of second seasons for their late 2015 critical success “Master of None” and their currently much discussed docu-series “Making a Murderer” were brought up – both are under consideration but it’s too early yet for any decisions to be made.

Finally, Netflix has also announced that it is teaming with “The Simpsons” co-creator Matt Groening for a new animated series which Groening will create and write. Details are being kept under wraps, but Groening will continue as executive producer on “The Simpsons”.