Netflix Set For Soderbergh’s “Laundromat”

Netflix Set For Soderberghs Panama Papers Film

It was expected, and now it’s official – Netflix has committed to finance and release Steven Soderbergh’s Panama Papers scandal film “The Laundromat”. In addition, David Schwimmer has joined the cast and Will Forte and Riley Keough are in talks to join the project which is led by Gary Oldman, Meryl Streep and Antonio Banderas.

Schwimmer will play Matthew Quirk, an attorney who speaks on behalf of one of the insurance companies after twenty elderly passengers die on a boating excursion. The boating company learned its insurance isn’t the large company it thought it was, but a P.O. box in Nevis.

Quirk would eventually kill himself after seeing no way out of the liability situation, but the incident triggers lawyers, government officials, and more to track down these shell companies – investigations that lead to Panama-based law firm Mossack Fonseca who helped the wealthy avoid paying taxes and who were exposed thanks to a whistleblower. The scandal drew in numerous world leaders, captains of industry and celebrities.

Scott Z. Burns penned the script based on Jake Bernstein’s novel “Secrecy World”. Burns, Lawrence Grey, Soderbergh, Michael Sugar, Gregory Jacobs and Topic Studios are producing.

Source: Deadline