Netflix Reveals “Arrested” Plans

Various TV shows, serialised dramas especially, prove far more engaging and interesting if watched in marathon sessions with an entire season of episodes watched over a few days. Thanks to disc box sets and streaming services like Netflix, this is a very easy option and the way quite a few people consume many of their shows these days.

Netflix understands this which is one reason why it released all eight episodes of its first original series, the Norway-set “Lilyhammer”, all at once rather than dolling out an episode each week over time. The approach worked enough that it looks like they’ll be adopting it for one of their more high profile upcoming productions – the revival of the cancelled Fox comedy “Arrested Development”.

Netflix chief Ted Sarandos told reporters at National Association of Broadcasters convention in Las Vegas (via EW) that they plan to release all ten episodes of the show’s new fourth season at once on an as yet to be determined date sometime next year.

The show’s creator Mitch Hurwitz also revealed that initially each episode of the season was to center around around a different character, but the scripts are now more closely resembling the old show. The talk of an ‘Arrested’ movie didn’t come up, but Hurwitz says he wouldn’t mind continuing the show on Netflix.