Netflix Ratings Show “Daredevil,” “Cards” Love

One big difference of streaming services compared to both the major networks and even the cable networks is that they don’t generally report on their viewership numbers. As these services don’t rely on advertising, they simply don’t have the need to report their numbers in the same way.

This week though, a San Diego-based company called Luth Research has assembled a panel of Netflix subscribers (around 2,500) in order to determine what Netflix original series they are watching on the service and how soon after launch they are watching them. In the most basic terms – everyone’s watching “Daredevil” and “House of Cards,” and barely anyone is tuning into “Bloodline”.

An estimated 10.7% of subscribers watched at least one episode of “Daredevil” in its first eleven days on the streaming service. Compared with other recent launches, it came in first ahead of “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt” which was sampled by 7.3% of subscribers in its first month, and the third season of “House of Cards” which was sampled by 6.5% in the first month. New Florida Keys-set drama “Bloodline” came in last with 2.4%.

“House of Cards” though remains the service’s biggest attraction. Taking all three seasons into account, the program was the most popular series on all of Netflix in March. The third season was also the most binge-viewed of all the originals with nearly half of those 6.5% watching at least three episodes in a single day.

There’s a catch with this survey – Luth Research does NOT track Netflix viewing on TVs – be it Internet-connected sets, streaming-media players (eg. Roku, Apple TV) or gaming consoles. Netflix has a U.S. install base of forty one million users.

Source: Variety