Netflix Plans TV Series Version Of “The Wave”

In the wake of the success of “Dark” and “Babylon Berlin,” Netflix has announced plans for a third original German series – this one with a rather familiar origin.

Titled “The Wave,” it will be based on the 1981 young adult novel by Todd Strasser and the hit 2008 film adaptation of the same name. The story follows a group of rebellious teenagers who build a community that spreads into a mass phenomenon.

What begins as an idealistic and playful uprising against the establishment, soon takes a terrifying turn as the power of The Wave grows out of control.

The creators and producers of the award-winning film will return for the series adaptation which begins production later this year and is expected to be available to Netflix members globally in 2019. Christian Becker, Dennis Gansel and Peter Thorwarth executive produce for Sony Pictures Television.

The news comes as Netflix has announced plans for several other global dramas including its first Dutch original series which doesn’t have a title. That series follows a group of privileged Amsterdam teens who accidentally open a portal to a demonic world from the Dutch Golden Age.

Others include “The English Game” about the invention of modern football which hails from “Downton Abbey” creator Julian Fellowes, and supernatural series “Mortel” from France and “Luna Nera” from Italy.

Source: Netflix