Netflix Plans “Chronicles of Narnia” Series & Films

Netflix Plans Chronicles Of Narnia Series Films

Netflix has announced they have just signed a multi-year deal with The C.S. Lewis Company to develop stories from “The Chronicles of Narnia” universe into series and films for its members worldwide.

All series and films produced through the deal will be Netflix productions in collaboration with eOne. Mark Gordon, Douglas Gresham and Vincent Sieber serve as executive producers.

In total the seven Narnia books by C.S. Lewis have sold more than 100 million copies and been translated in more than 47 languages worldwide. The deal marks the first time that rights to the entire seven books of the Narnia universe have been held by the same company.

The first four books were adapted for BBC TV in the 1980s, and the first three into big budget feature films a decade ago by Disney and Walden Media. The other three – one prequel, one smaller standalone story and one big final book – have yet to be brought to the screen.

Source: Netflix