Netflix Picking Up ABC’s “River”?

Netflix has reportedly had conversations with ABC Studios about the possibility of continuing ABC’s thriller/horror series “The River” on the streaming service reports Deadline.

The site stresses that talks are exploratory at this point in the context of a larger conversation between ABC Studios and Netflix.

Eight episodes were produced for the first season of the found footage supernatural horror series in which a famed explorer goes missing deep in the uncharted Amazon basin which leads to his wife, estranged son and a documentary team going in search of him.

Reviews were mixed while a decent mid-season debut of 7.6 million viewers dwindled to 4 million by the season’s end. Though not officially cancelled, at this point the writing is essentially on the wall which has lead to these discussions.

The report comes at a time when Netflix is already in talks with 20th Century Fox TV about possibly picking up another recently genre casualty of the major network TV season – “Terra Nova”.