Netflix Nabs “Gadget,” “Danger Mouse” Reboots

“DuckTales” isn’t the only 1980s cartoon getting revived. Netflix has ordered five new children’s series, including reboots of the classics “Inspector Gadget” and “Danger Mouse”.

Like the original cartoon, the new ‘Gadget’ follows a bumbling detective outfitted with crazy, high-tech gear that he uses while tracking down the crime syndicate MAD.

Technically the show is being setup as a sequel rather than a restart, Gadget comes out of retirement and his helped by his now older niece Penny and dog Brain to fight crime.

One change though is a switch to computer animation, and rather primitive looking CG animation at that. The new ‘Gadget’, which has already aired in Europe, is slated to debut on the streaming service next month.

The new “Danger Mouse” isn’t slated to premiere until spring next year. The other three shows on Netflix’s order include “Bottersnikes & Gumbles,” “Super 4” and the live-action “Some Assembly Required”.

Source: The Verge