Netflix May Make Marvel’s “Iron Fist” As A Film?

“Daredevil” has been a rousing success, “Jessica Jones” is one of the most anticipated new shows of the year, and so far reports from filming on the “Luke Cage” TV series have been glowing. So why is it that the fourth series in the Netflix and Marvel deal, “Iron Fist,” can’t seem to get it together?

Various rumors in recent months have suggested disagreements over what direction they want to take the character, especially in regards to his more mystical elements which would be a very different tone to that seen in “Daredevil” and “Jessica Jones”. There’s also the little issue regarding the casting of the title character.

Now, a new rumor over at Peel The Orange says one reason is that the format of the project hasn’t been locked yet. Another is that, though initially planned as an episodic series, the project could be turned into a Netflix original movie production instead.

This means ‘Iron’ would have the upsides of a bigger budget, a more singular storyline, and it could retain the dark edge that comes with being on the streaming service – yet it would also be separate from the other Marvel/Netflix shows and thus could explore a different tone.

The site also says by doing this, it means Marvel and Netflix might move forward with another character more fitting in line with the other three members of The Defenders – namely that of The Punisher whom Jon Bernthal is playing in the second season of “Daredevil” and who could be spun-off should he prove popular.

No word as yet on the reliability of this rumor. The next cab off the rank in the deal is “Jessica Jones” which is slated to hit on November 20th.