Netflix Is 2018’s Most Popular Viewing Option

As part of a new study, Cowen Equity Research has asked 2,500 U.S. consumers which programming platform they watch the most on their TV set.

Netflix easily led the pack at 27%, followed by basic cable at 20%, broadcast TV at 18% and YouTube at 11%. However, amongst the under 35 set, the margin is far more dramatic. Netflix comes first with 40% followed by Youtube with 17%, basic cable at 12.6% and Hulu and network TV at around 7.5% each.

When Cowen eliminated cord-cutters from the survey, basic cable was top at 26% with Netflix close behind at 24%. Netflix offered 452 hours of original programming in the second quarter of this year, up 51% from the same quarter a year ago, and is on pace to spend $13 billion on content in 2018.

Source: Deadline