Netflix Having Trouble Cracking “Iron Fist”?

We’ve already had “Daredevil,” “Jessica Jones” is due later this year and “Luke Cage” is coming in 2016. Yet news of the fourth of the proposed TV series collaborations between Marvel and Netflix, “Iron Fist,” has been strangely quiet.

A new report at Birth.Movies.Death suggests that the series is proving a tougher nut to crack than expected. Various people have reportedly been brought in to pitch ideas, but the producers are still having trouble settling on a direction for the show due to the character’s mystical superpowers.

There’s reportedly concerns over how far that can be taken in a live-action context, especially as it is sharing the same universe as “Daredevil” which kept things very grounded. No further details are available though.

Meanwhile the other shows are going smoothly – production on the second season of “Daredevil” gets underway soon, “Jessica Jones” is well into its production cycle, and “Luke Cage” is still in writing stages though is said to have more than half of its season’s scripts done.