Netflix Fires “Ranch” Star Masterson

Actor Danny Masterson has been fired from Netflix’s scripted comedy “The Ranch” following multiple allegations of rape. The LAPD has reportedly been investigating sexual assault claims against Masterson and a potential Church of Scientology cover-up since March.

Netflix said in a statement: “As a result of ongoing discussions, Netflix and the producers have written Danny Masterson out of The Ranch. [Monday] was his last day on the show, and production will resume in early 2018 without him.”

The actor will still appear in the second half of season two premiering December 15th and could return for parts of season three as the streaming giant writes him out. It’s not clear if another actor will be brought in to replace him in the role, or if a new character will fill the void.

As of Monday, a petition calling for Netflix to cancel “The Ranch” had earned support from more than 38,000 people. Ashton Kutcher and Sam Elliott co-star in the series.

Source: The Live Feed