Netflix Films Could Change Oscar Rules

A few months out from the 90th Oscars ceremony, and the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences is mulling decisions that could change the face of future awards races.

Roughly 300 members gathered last week in what was only the second members-only meeting in the Academy’s long history and one major topic of concern? Streaming services and how they impact what the Academy defines as a “movie”.

Some members reportedly are challenging whether a Netflix movie that buys a slot in cinemas for only one week to qualify for awards consideration should be allowed to compete with conventional theatrical releases and if so the worry of it ‘cheapening’ the Oscars.

An Academy committee is reportedly probing the issue with a special focus on the possibility of a film winning both an Emmy and an Oscar in the same year (as “O.J. Made in America” came close to doing last year – winning the doco Oscar, nominated for the doco Emmy).

Members also registered strong support for stricter Oscar supervision of award campaigns – especially for those when there is no screening involved.

Source: Deadline