Netflix Chief On Marvel Series Crossovers

Last year came the announcement of Marvel’s plans for four solo superhero TV series on Netflix, culminating in a “The Defenders” mini-series team-up. Essentially they were repeating the plan they pulled off with “The Avengers” just on a small screen.

Netflix’s chief Ted Sarandos admits the Marvel Cinematic Universe is the model they are employing here, telling Empire (via Latino Review):

“It was really based on the theatrical model of ‘The Avengers.’ Could you take another group of characters, The Defenders, and go about it the same way? Normally, they do the big movie and then eventually they get to the group origin story. Having 13 hours to tell each of these stories, you can go right to the origin story and the action at the same time.”

Sarandos also says members of The Defenders could possibly end up meeting some of “The Avengers”:

“It has definitely been talked about. ‘Daredevil’ is already shooting, since that’s out first. Eventually the series will run very close together. You can then have a separate season where the characters will cross over.”

The other upside of being on Netflix is the tone, the show able to go darker directions than the films have:

“The series will not be afraid to go darker than the film did. What we love about this particular set of heroes is that they’re a little more down to Earth. Costume wise and also in that these are gritty crime stories, more in the streets than in the clouds.”

“Daredevil” is slated to premiere on the streaming service next year.