Netflix Cancels Baz Luhrmann’s “Get Down”

Netflix has cancelled Baz Luhrmann’s ambitious musical drama “The Get Down,” marking one of the first Netflix original series not to get a second season

Deadline broke word of the decision which comes after the second six-episode part of the first season of hip-hop-themed 1970s South Bronx-set drama was released last month.

Part of the issue was likely expense. The twelve episode first season came in at an official budget of $120 million – around $10 million per episode. That already makes it one of the most expensive TV shows ever produced.

However, the troubled production, which saw Luhrmann step up from executive producer to becoming a much more heavily involved showrunner, was reported by the same trade back in October last year as being more expensive than its tag price with costs ballooning towards the $16M per episode mark.

In the wake of the cancellation, Luhrmann has posted a statement to Facebook which indicates that the main reason for the axing was that he wasn’t able to continue full-time on the show for a second season which proved the deal-breaker for a renewal. Luhrmann instead is turning his focus to a new film project: