Netflix Brings Super HD To All

Netflix have announced that they will no longer hold back their ‘Super HD’ and 3D streaming videos from any customers. The companies ‘Super HD’ is 1080p, like their regular HD, but at a higher bit rate and with less compression.

In actual visual terms it’s still not quite Blu-ray quality yet. Given a good enough connection though, it’s more akin to major network HD broadcasts than Netflix’s regular HD (which is more akin to DVD quality).

The service launched ‘Super HD’ in January, but only made it available to service providers who use its ‘Open Connect’ content delivery network – caching content inside their own networks to give better streaming quality to customers. Some have refused the service.

Now though, whether the ISP has signed on or not: “All Netflix members, regardless of their Internet service provider (ISP), now have access to the highest quality HD streams available on Netflix” says the company.

Like all Netflix video though, the adaptive streaming technology is still in place – so broadband quality and performance will effect your ability to receive Super HD.

Source: ArsTechnica