Netflix Adds “Star Trek: TNG” Remasters

Netflix has upgraded their streaming catalogue of “Star Trek: The Next Generation” episodes to include the high-definition remastered versions of the episodes from the Blu-ray sets. The switchover began last week and as of this article only a very small handful of early episodes haven’t been converted as yet.

The remastering job done on ‘Next Generation’ is often cited as the pinnacle example of just how good old TV shows can be when given the proper remastering treatment. CBS Digital painstakingly went back to the original 35mm filmed negatives, scanned them in and essentially did the entire post-production process on the episodes again.

It cost a lot of time and money, but the result is the show looks like it was essentially shot yesterday and is more consistent in look and feel from season to season. Sadly sales of the disc sets weren’t what CBS had hoped so the same treatment will not be given to either “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine” or “Star Trek: Voyager”.

On top of this, TrekCore indicates the Netflix versions include a further half dozen or so ‘fixes’, errors that were spotted after the disc sets shipped that have since been corrected – mostly lighting issues or a visual effects shot that wasn’t quite right.

They do not, however ‘fix’ the less optimal second season restoration work done by HTV Illuminate which received numerous complaints and led to all but one of the subsequent seasons being done in house at CBS.