Nelson Set For Hulk Leader

Tim Blake Nelson has joined the cast of Universal Pictures & Marvel Studios’ “The Incredible Hulk” says The Hollywood Reporter.

The film sees Bruce Banner/Hulk on the run, trying to avoid capture long enough to cure the condition that turns him into a monster.

Nelson will play a scientist named Samuel Sterns. In Hulk lore, Sterns, aka “The Leader,” is one of the Hulk’s major antagonists, a menial worker in a chemical research plant who is bombarded with gamma radiation.

He emerges from his accident not only green-skinned but also superintelligent, with an oversized brain.

Edward Norton (Banner), Liv Tyler (Betty Ross), Tim Roth (villain Emil Blonsky/the Abomination) and William Hurt (General Ross, Betty’s father) are already cast.

Zak Penn wrote the script and Louis Leterrier is directing. Production begins August 7th.