Neil Gaiman’s “Who” Episode Clips

A little over a year ago it was confirmed that acclaimed fantasy writer Neil Gaiman (“Stardust,” “Sandman,” “Coraline”) would be penning an episode of sci-fi hit “Doctor Who”. This week we finally get to see what he’s cooked up.

The BBC have released a trailer and two clips from the highly-anticipated episode in which an apparent distress call from another Time Lord brings the TARDIS crew to a junkyard in a bubble universe where they meet a rather eccentric family.

Add to that an Ood, a run around areas of the TARDIS we haven’t seen before, Michael Sheen’s voice with a sinister tone, and Suranne Jones as a woman with a very important connection to the Doctor.

Early reviews say that this is essentially a big love letter to all of ‘Who’ mythology, and its apparently the singularly most expensive show of the first half of the season – we’ll see the final result for ourselves on Saturday in the United States and the UK.