Neil Gaiman Wants To Pen Another “Who”

Acclaimed writer Neil Gaiman (“Sandman,” “Stardust,” “Coraline”) says he’s keen on writing a third episode of “Doctor Who,” but his schedule hasn’t given him the time.

Gaiman penned two episodes during Matt Smith’s three season run as The Doctor. The first, “The Doctor’s Wife,” is often considered one of the best episodes of the new series since its revival. The second, “Nightmare in Silver,” wasn’t so well-regarded.

Gaiman says he has an open invitation to write more, but hasn’t been able to due to other commitments and really hopes he gets the change to do one while Peter Capaldi is onboard as The Doctor.

Speaking at a Q&A in New York (via THR) he says: “I’m just sort of hoping that I can get one done while Peter Capaldi is still the Doctor, because it would be a very sad thing if I lost my chance to write for a grumpy, Scottish Doctor.”

In terms of what he’d write, he says: “I haven’t done an episode set on Earth yet, and I haven’t created a new monster. So there are boxes left to tick. And there’s part of me that feels… I haven’t scared anybody yet. I’d love to do something that sends adults behind the sofa too and makes them wee.”