Negan Will Swear On “Walking Dead”

The introduction of Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) in the upcoming sixth season finale of AMC’s “The Walking Dead” is a moment many fans have been dying to see. Yet a signature trait of the character, his frequent swearing, is something that many have wondered if it will be watered down to make it onto the network.

Though AMC has had no real problems with violence or adult themes, it isn’t premium cable (ala HBO) and so swearing and nudity aren’t something you see much of on this or any of its other shows – even “Breaking Bad” only dared one or two censored uses of the F-word a year.

Creator Robert Kirkman tells EW that the decision about the inclusion of the character’s foul language is still in flux at this point. To deal with it in his first appearance though they’ve come up with one solution – they filmed two different versions of his introductory scenes – one with and one without the salty language:

“I would say that there are certain words that try as I might, we are not allowed to say on AMC, and those are certain words that Negan likes to say. So those words are going to be filmed, and people are going to be able to get those words, but there are definitely some broadcast limitations that we’re going to have to deal with. We’re sorting that out now, but I will say that, worst-case scenario, the extras will be extra-special on Blu-ray. I mean, we’re trying to explore some other more interesting options, but that’s the bare minimum of what we’ll be doing.”

Showrunner Scott Gimple tells the mag that the plan is for a “full-octane Negan” one way or another.