Negan Teased In “Walking Dead” Promo

The 90-minute sixth season finale of AMC’s “The Walking Dead” premieres next week and both a promo trailer and ‘Sneak Peek’ clip are out from the episode.

In the episode, to save one of their own Rick’s group must venture outside the walls and their experience changes their lives forever. The promo gives us a first look at the infamous comics villain Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) finally made flesh on the series.

Showrunner Scott Gimple spoke with EW recently about Negan’s entrance on the series, with Gimple saying the character will be unlike anything ever seen on TV before:

“Negan is kind. Negan is respectful. Negan is psychotic. Negan is ruthless. This is a very nuanced character that has a lot of different shades to him. There’s a lot of honor to him. There’s a rule system in place.

I think he’s unlike anything anybody’s experienced in The Walking Dead thus far. He’s definitely a different kind of bad guy. He’s sadistic and dangerous and all those things that you would expect from a Governor, but he’s much more in control. He’s much less sporadic and he has much less of a temper.

This is not a guy who’s going to lose control and start shooting his own people the way the Governor did. This is a guy who, much like Rick, has survived through horrendous things and has developed a system, a way of life, that works for him. And he’s a leader of a fairly sizable group, and so in order to do those things for as long as he’s done them, he’d have to be very accomplished as a human being.

I won’t necessarily say that this is Rick potentially coming up against an anti-Rick, but this is a character that Rick is not necessarily going to have an advantage over the way he had an advantage over, say, a Gareth, or a Governor.

The finale, titled “Last Day on Earth,” airs April 3rd on AMC.