Neeson’s “Taken” Character Joins LinkedIn

Now THIS is how you do social media marketing. 20th Century Fox has created a LinkedIn profile for Bryan Mills, the character Liam Neeson plays in the “Taken” franchise, to help promote the film which is due out in early January. Mills is listed as a Security Consultant and describes himself thus:

“My decades of hands-on experience has given me a particular set of skills. Skills that make me very useful – or very dangerous – to certain people. People like you.

But there are some situations which I cannot foresee. Situations that will require a particular set of skills that I don’t possess. Skills that would make you very useful to a man like me.

Be very specific. Tell me everything you believe might be of assistance in evaluating your effectiveness. You will only have one opportunity to reach me and connect with my network.”

He speaks Russian, Pashto, Arabic and Albanian. He spent seventeen years working in Covert Operations before freelancing for four years and now working for a security firm for the past three. It’s a fun read which you can see in full right here.