Neeson Won’t Return For “Dark Knight Rises”

With potential story spoilers leaking earlier this week indicating Talia Al Ghul would appear as a character in charge of the League of Shadows, that begged the question of whether Ra’s Al Ghul, the League’s former head and Talia’s father, would be returning in some capacity.

Liam Neeson, who played Ra’s Al Ghul in 2005’s “Batman Begins”, tells Empire (via Digital Spy) that he will not be appearing the upcoming “The Dark Knight Rises”, not even in flashback form.

“That rumour is totally not true. In the comic books, Ra’s Al Ghul goes into a life bath of some sort and immerses himself to become immortal. So that’s probably where that comes from. But no-one’s approached me with an offer. I’d like to if it happens” says Neeson about potentially reuniting with filmmaker Chris Nolan in this third entry in the series.