Neeson Fallout Impacts “Cold” Premiere

Neeson Fallout Impacts Cold Premiere

Just hours before the event was to take place last night, Lionsgate cancelled the New York City red carpet premiere of Liam Neeson’s dark comedy “Cold Pursuit” reports Indiewire.

The cancellation comes as controversy and debate is still swirling over an interview Liam Neeson gave to The Independent during the film’s press junket in which he revealed a story from his youth in which he set out to indiscriminately get into a fight and potentially kill a black man after learning his good friend was brutally raped.

In the wake of that interview, which went to great lengths to explain the context of the quote and his actions, backlash against Neeson accusing the actor of racism has been swift. It’s been enough that Neeson appeared on “Good Morning America” to further explain the story including his motivation being revenge, not race and how the man’s skin color was just one of several identifying characteristics described to him by his friend. You can see that interview below.

Neeson stars in “Cold Pursuit” as a snowplough driver whose son is mysteriously murdered, forcing him to exact revenge on a local drug lord. The film opens nationwide this Friday.