NCIS: New Orleans Spin-Off Coming

“NCIS” showrunner Gary Glasberg and star/executive producer Mark Harmon are working on a second potential spin-off series which could hit the airwaves as early as this time next year.

The project will be introduced through a backdoor pilot – a two-part “NCIS” episode that will film in February and air later in the Spring.

Should it go ahead, the spin-off will center on the NCIS New Orleans office which handles cases from Pensacola, Mississippi, Louisiana and the Texas panhandle.

It’s also a colorful city and a popular destination for military personnel on leave, making it quite suitable for the program.

“NCIS” begins its eleventh season this week, while the first spin-off “NCIS: Los Angeles” returns for its fifth season as well. The latter tried to launch a third spin-off last year, “NCIS: Red,” which failed to score a series order.

Source: TV Guide