NBC’s “Timeless” Hit With Copyright Lawsuit

Only days out from the series premiere, a copyright lawsuit is underway in California federal court over NBC’s upcoming time travel drama “Timeless” reports THR Esq.

Spanish producer Onza Partners has filed a complaint claiming the series is a ripoff of a Spanish series “El Ministerio del Tiempo” which follows a three-person government team – a female student, a Marine and a doctor – who travel in time to change the past. “Timeless” meanwhile follows a female history professor, a soldier and a scientist recruited by a mysterious government organization to travel through time to stop a villain from affecting past events.

Onza chief Gonzalo Sagardia met with Gersh partner Roy Ashton at an international television conference last April to seek his help in packaging an American version of the show. Within a few months, Onza claims Ashton had brought on Sony and writers Ben Edlund and Eric Kripke and negotiations were underway.

Then in August, news of the series broke with no mention of Onza and “Sony abruptly and without any warning terminated all negotiations relative to Onza’s American Version.” Onza is now suing NBC, Sony, Kripke and others for copyright infringement and is also suing Sony and Kripke for breach of implied contract.

Source: TV Line