NBC’s “Crisis” On Hold For Re-Tooling

Screened for preview audiences at the same time as many Fall series, NBC’s new serialised thriller “Crisis” garnered some of the best test screening results of any new show on any network – and NBC’s second best behind only the already airing smash hit “The Blacklist”.

Gillian Anderson, Dermot Mulroney and Rachael Taylor star in the series in which a field trip for the children of some of Washington’s highest power players is ambushed by armed men who serve a vengeful mastermind. Soon the whole country is in danger.

Currently in production ahead of a mid-season premiere sometime very early next year, filming has come to a halt as the show has gone on an unplanned hiatus after production wrapped on the sixth episode of the series.

Each episode takes eight days to shoot, so the show is taking time out for the length of one episode so it can do a “course correction” says Deadline. Writers intend to use the time to tweak storylines and work on scripts.

The problem is that the post-pilot episodes have been “veering from the direction (and promise) of the pilot”. Some senior level writers are being brought in to help creator Rand Ravich and his writing staff work with this complex, serialized drama and its multiple storylines.

There is also expected to be some reshoots done on completed episodes.