NBC’s “Constantine” Replaces Its Female Lead

She starred as the female lead in the already produced (and leaked) pilot episode. Now, NBC is writing out not just actress Lucy Griffiths (“True Blood”) but her character as well from its upcoming supernatural DC comic series adaptation “Constantine”.

In the pilot Griffiths played Liv, an offbeat woman who finds herself teamed with John Constantine (Matt Ryan) after she is marked for death by a powerful demon.

Rather than recast, the network will simply move beyond her in subsequent episodes and focus on the more familiar comic character of Mary ‘Zed’ Martin, a woman who starts out a foil for Constantine and ends up becoming his right-hand woman.

The role has not yet been cast and will first appear in an early episode of the series. Additional characters from both the “Hellblazer” comics and DC’s occult universe are expected to be introduced later.

“Constantine” premieres Friday, October 24th.

Source: The Live Feed