NBC’s “Chuck” Return Date/Time Set

Official dates have been set with the nineteen-episode third season of “Chuck” kicking off with a double episode on Sunday January 10th.

The show then settles into its old time slot on Monday 8pm the following day (January 11th), pushing the troubled “Heroes” to 9pm. Seven episodes are expected to air before the show takes a few weeks hiatus for the Winter Olympics. It will then return uninterrupted through till May.

As previously reported, the original plan was for thirteen episodes before the network put in an order for six more last month. Showrunner Chris Fedak tells NJ.Com that the additional episodes haven’t caused any real changes of plan.

“We’re going to stick with the 13 that we had planned. When we got the order for six more episodes, we restructured the story somewhat, but we’re still operating along the lines that the six additional episodes will be “Chuck” season 3.2. We’re not going to pad the original story out. We’re going to tell more story… But it’ll still feel like one season.”

Currently the production crew are shooting the eleventh episode.