NBC Series Based On Grisham’s “The Firm”

NBC is in negotiations to pick up a full 22-episode TV season based on John Grisham’s best-selling 1991 novel “The Firm” and the 1993 film adaptation of it starring Tom Cruise says The Hollywood Reporter.

Lukas Reiter, with some help from Grisham, penned the two-hour pilot script which picks up events ten years later with Mitch McDeere having just emerged from the Federal Witness Protection Program after bringing down a Memphis law firm operated by the mob. He and his family soon find their lives are still in danger.

The film famously made some changes from the book, most notably the ending with the film’s incarnation of McDeere managing to keep his reputation intact, while the book version of the character swindled the firm for several million and ended up in the Caribbean. It’s likely the film version is the one that will be followed.

eOne Television, Paramount Pictures and Sony Pictures Television’s Networks Group will produce. Reiter previously developed the project at CBS three years ago, while casting is now under way and shooting kicks off in Canada in July.