NBC Halts Production On “Constantine”

NBC has called a halt on production of its DC Comics inspired supernatural drama series “Constantine”. The network informed the cast and crew on Friday that the series will stop production once they complete the network’s initial thirteen-episode order.

The network made a similar decision with its other new shows “Bad Judge” and “A to Z,” in both those cases the shows have been axed. However with “Constantine,” the show is still in contention for a second-season renewal and will remain in its 10pm Friday time slot for the rest of its run.

A decision had to be made about whether to order the ‘Back 9,’ but due to the show’s late launch a proper decision could not be made as not enough ratings information has come in. As a result, they’ve called off production and are awaiting further airings and results as to whether the show will get a second season.

The series has not been a clear hit even in its Friday night time slot, but it has seen big DVR lifts and the fifth episode recently pulled in a 1.1 rating which is the show’s highest mark since the series debut. Networks usually wait until the ratings of at least seven episodes are in before a decision is made.

It’s presently unclear what could take over the timeslot once filming wraps. “Hannibal” is expected to return to it next year, but it only began production on its third season a month ago so it probably won’t be ready to air until March/April next year.

Source: Deadline