NBC Drops “Wonder Woman”, Takes “Grimm”

Those fearing David E. Kelley’s TV reboot of “Wonder Woman” no longer have to be scared – it’s not happening.

Deadline reports that NBC has passed on picking up the high-profile pilot to series, skipping it along with Don Johnson hairdresser drama “A Mann’s World” and Stephen Gaghan’s sprawling drama “Metro”. Of the three, only “Mann’s” is expected to be shopped around to other networks as it apparently has a “cable sensibility”.

The demise of ‘Woman’ isn’t a huge surprise. Comic fandom has been against the project from the get go, railing against not just the costume but the contemporary setting which painted Diana Prince as a ‘CEO by day/superhero by night’ style deal rather than an exiled Amazonian warrior woman.

Viewers of the pilot came back with responses that it actually wasn’t too bad and was well-made, but test screening results were decidedly mixed and the audiences simply “didn’t buy into the modernisation”.

There’s also a lukewarm response to another superhero property being adapted as audiences are feeling burned out by all the comic book movies of recent times, and the disappointment of recent superhero shows like “Heroes,” “Human Target” and “The Cape”.

While those three shows were dismissed, NBC did pick up three more pilots and gave them series orders – the 1960’s-set “The Playboy Club”, the “Inception”-style “Awake”, and the fairytale-themed “Grimm”. The network also confirmed it had picked up “Harry’s Law” and “Parenthood”.