NBC Announces Their 2008 Schedule

NBC jumped a full month ahead of the other networks today when it announced its 2008-2009 schedule before advertisers in New York reports TV.Com.

The biggest news is that a spin-off for “The Office” is in the works and will debut after next year’s Super Bowl in early February. It’s expected some of the actors will be migrated over to the new show.

The critically acclaimed but ratings troubled “Friday Night Lights” has been renewed for a 13-episode third season. In an odd move though, it will debut on DirecTV on October 1st and then re-air on NBC starting in February.

Lipstick Jungle also got a surprising renewal for a second season this Fall, as did “Medium” and “Life” which both won’t be back til mid-season.

Both “Chuck” and “Heroes” will be back on Mondays in the Fall, and Matthew Broderick will join the cast of “30 Rock” in the upcoming season.

In terms of new shows, the network will kick off in the fall with Christian Slater drama “My Own Worst Enemy” on Mondays.

There’s also the US remake of Aussie sitcom “Kath & Kim” on Tuesday, and the new “Knight Rider” series on Wednesday.

Finally the island-set castaway drama “Crusoe” based on the classic “Robinson Crusoe” story will debut on Fridays.

Mid-season the network will premiere “The Philanthropist”, “Merlin and Kings”, “America’s Toughest Jobs”, “Shark Taggers”, “The Listener” and “Chopping Block”.

The previously reported on “Kings” starring Ian McShane and Chris Egan will follow the “Knight Rider” format – premiering as a TV movie/backdoor pilot that will lead to a series if successful.