NBC Announces Remakes, Crossovers, Musical

It was NBC’s turn at the Television Critics Association over the weekend where a number of announcements were made. Amongst them:

Peter Pan
Following on from the massive success of “The Sound of Music Live!,” NBC has confirmed plans for a similar live musical production of “Peter Pan” to air on Thursday, December 4th.

The Slap
The green light has been given to the eight-episode adaptation of the Australian mini-series “The Slap”. Each episode of the original followed a person involved in events that start with a man slapping couple’s misbehaving child and snowballs into families and lives being torn apart.

Emerald City
NBC has given a ten-episode order to the Wizard of Oz-themed fantasy drama “Emerald City”. The project is said to be a contemporary, dark “Game of Thrones”-esque reimagining of L. Frank Baum’s original fourteen Oz books.

State Of Affairs
Katherine Heigl is returning to TV with this drama series given the green light. Heigl plays key CIA attache who counsels the president on high-stakes incidents around the world.

Following his success with “The Blacklist” pilot, filmmaker Joe Carnahan is onboard to direct the pilot and re-write two episodes of this series.

Parks and Recreation/Community
Despite the challenged ratings, NBC’s long running comedy “Parks and Recreation” has been renewed for a seventh season.

The decision regarding a sixth season of “Community” however is uncertain at this point as the network is holding off on making a decision for now.

A bunch of NBC shows are about to see characters crossing over into other shows.

New spin-off series “Chicago P.D.” is set crossover with both its mothership show “Chicago Fire” and with “Law and Order: SVU”. The latter will air in February after the Olympics.

Also the new half-hour comedy “About a Boy,” based on the Nick Hornby book,” will crossover with the network’s “Parenthood”. Both shows are set in San Francisco.