NBC Adapting Coben’s “Gone For Good”

NBC is developing a new drama series based on Harlen Coben’s best-selling 2002 thriller novel “Gone for Good”.

The story follows Will Klein, a New York City social worker in pursuit of his brother Ken. Will’s ex-girlfriend was murdered and Ken was the prime suspect who disappeared without a trace.

When he finds out his brother is alive, and his current girlfriend disappears, Will is arrested by the FBI as the prime suspect to the murder of that girl.

It all ties back to their rough school years where fellow students included the gangster McGuane and an assassin known as Ghost.

Alexandra Cunningham, who is writing and executive producing the network’s high-profile “Murder, She Wrote” reboot, will serve in the same capacities here. Peter Berg and Sarah Aubrey’s Film 44 will also produce.

Source: Deadline