Nathan Fillion’s “Guardians 2” Cameo Revealed

After making an uncredited guest appearance on the first film, “Firefly” and “Castle” star Nathan Fillion is re-teaming with his “Slither” director James Gunn for a bigger part in the latter’s “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2” for Marvel Studios.


Photos from the set of the ‘Guardians’ sequel have revealed the part which the actor will play in the film and it’s quietly brilliant. Seems there’s a scene involving an Earth-based art house cinema which is running a film marathon of movies involving an actor named Simon Williams (Fillion).

This allows Fillion to pose for a series of one-sheets for movies that exist within the MCU, including a Tony Stark biopic in which Fillion’s Simon Williams is playing Stark.

Marvel comics fans will also recognise the name – Simon Williams is also known as former villain turned Avengers hero Wonder Man. At one point he retired from the heroic life and became an actor, which explains the reference.

Source: io9