Natalie Portman Film Upsets In Jerusalem

Natalie Portman was the focus of a firestorm on Tuesday in Jerusalem as ultra-Orthodox protesters denounced her presence in the holy city.

Portman is in town shooting her directorial debut “A Tale of Love and Darkness,” an adaptation of Amos Oz’s autobiographical novel. The film has the support of the Jerusalem Film Fund and the city municipality.

Locals however were outraged, scrawling graffiti near the production. Jerusalem Deputy Mayor Rachel Azaria has confirmed he’s received complaint letters against Portman and the film crew from the ultra-orthodox residents of Jerusalem’s Nahlaot neighborhood.

One such letter says: “The film shooting is set to take place on several sensitive streets close to synagogues and yeshivas, and the scenes being filmed should have been examined first to make sure they don’t offend anybody’s sensitivities”.

In a statement to The Times of Israel, Azaria says: “There is a constant tension between the desire to celebrate diverse and interesting Jerusalem and the attempts by extremist groups to prevent this. The attraction of the city, its unique architecture and the efforts of the film and television industry will triumph…and the cinematic growth we’ve seen in Jerusalem in recent years will continue to flourish also tomorrow with Natalie Portman in Nahlaot.”

Source: The Wrap