Narnia: The Silver Chair To Be Made

The Mark Gordon Company and the C.S. Lewis Company are teaming to develop a fourth film in “The Chronicles Of Narnia” franchise.

The pair are set to jointly develop and produce “The Chronicles Of Narnia: The Silver Chair,” an adaptation of the next novel in the seven book series. Originally published as the fourth book, it is now often packaged as the sixth book in the series.

The film would follow on from 2005’s “The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe,” 2008’s “Prince Caspian” and 2010’s “The Voyage Of The Dawn Treader”.

Following the $745 million worldwide haul of the first film, the next two films underwhelmed at the box-office domestically. Yet both were still big hits internationally, and earned global totals of over $420 million each. The whole series has also performed extremely well on home video.

‘The Silver Chair’ is set decades after ‘Treader’. Eustace Scrubb and his friend Jill Pole are brought to Narnia by Aslan to find the missing heir of a now elderly King Caspian. The missing Prince Rilian disappeared while on a quest to find the green serpent that killed his mother.

Eustace and Jill set off to the giant-lands north of Narnia to find him, and encounter the Lady of the Green Kirtle and a young man who must be bound nightly to a magical Silver Chair.

Mark Gordon, Douglas Gresham and Vincent Sieber will produce. No word yet as to who might direct.

Source: Deadline