Narnia 3 Goes 3D, “Transformers 3” Stays 2D

20th Century Fox has confirmed that both of their blockbuster fantasy adaptations opening in December will get the 3D conversion treatment reports Coming Soon.

The first is Michael Apted’s “The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader”, the third film in the series based on the C.S. Lewis novels, which opens December 10th. The other is the Jack Black-led period comedy “Gulliver’s Travels”, based on the Jonathan Swift classic, which opens December 22nd.

With these additions the holiday season is looking very crowded for 3D releases with no less than six 3D features currently scheduled over November and December with more likely to come.

One person who isn’t jumping on that bandwagon though is Michael Bay. Deadline Hollywood says Bay remains skeptical of the technology, specifically the ‘upconversion’ process used to transform 2D films into 3D (ala “Alice in Wonderland,” “Clash of the Titans”).

“I shoot complicated stuff, I put real elements into action scenes and honestly, I am not sold right now on the conversion process… Right now, it looks like fake 3D, with layers that are very apparent… People can say whatever they want about my movies, but they are technically precise, and if this isn’t going to be excellent, I don’t want to do it and it is my choice” says Bay.

Bay did apparently do some early tests on the viability of shooting “Transformers 3” with 3D cameras but found them “too heavy and cumbersome” for the way he shoots.